Kamala Harris’ Latest Rhetoric on Inflation Has Not Been Well-Received

In America today, inflation is on everyone’s minds. With prices rising at rates not seen in decades, it’s having a very negative impact on people’s ability to live their lives.

As market prices are getting more expensive everywhere, Americans’ salaries are not following suit. In fact, with labor and production costs for businesses getting higher, these establishments are having to cut back on hours, in certain cases, or even let some people go.

It goes without saying that inflation is a major stress on the lives of the American people. Judging from recent polls, the majority of the country doesn’t approve of how the White House is handling inflation either.

Earlier this week, Vice President Kamala Harris was interviewed by the Sheet Metal Workers Union about inflation. To say this interview went poorly would be an understatement, as documented by Red State.

Breaking Down Harris’ Remarks on Inflation

On Wednesday, the union asked Harris about the “anger” Americans have when it comes to inflation in the country.

Sheet Metal Workers also noted that while the Biden administration has talked a lot about other policy matters, inflation is the one issue that most Americans feel needs to be addressed.

To this end, the vice president stated she “acknowledges” inflation and the impacts it’s having on the American public. Later, when questioned about when an “endpoint” to inflation will arrive, Harris responded with a word salad.

According to the vice president, Americans deserve to know the White House is concerned about inflation. Harris then followed this pointer up by claiming “that is what [the White House is] doing.”

Despite the union’s request, the vice president did not provide a set endpoint for when Americans can expect inflation to be out of their lives. Likewise, Harris also failed to address what exactly the White House is doing about bringing down consumer costs.

The Uncomfortable Reality

Inflation is hurting the American public, but it’s also hurting the poll numbers of Democrats ahead of the midterms.

Therefore, it stands to reason that if the White House had a plan to end inflation, they’d be shouting it from the rooftops. If for no other reason, Democrats would be sharing this plan for their own political self-interests.

Harris’ remarks are the clearest indicator possible that this administration does not have a plan to lower consumer costs or terminate inflation. This is why the vice president chose to beat around the bush when questioned about an endpoint to high prices.

Americans everywhere should prepare themselves. All signs indicate that things are going to get a lot rockier before they get smoother.