Kamala Harris is Facing One Problem After the Other

As the second in command to a failing administration, Vice President Kamala Harris is not having an easy time in office.

Days ago, the vice president landed in hot water over a tweet that seemed to play into Russian assertions that Ukraine was to join NATO. Harris was widely panned for playing into the hands of Russian President Vladimir Putin and unintentionally promoting his talking points.

Not long ago, the vice president also attracted negative press for how she conducted herself during a press conference in Poland.

In light of these recent events, some Americans might imagine that things couldn’t get much worse for Harris. However, according to Red State, they already have.

Massive Turnover Rates Amongst the Vice President’s Staffers

Earlier this week, CBS News revealed that Harris’ Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh is leaving her team. Singh is heading to work for the Department of Defense and Harris’ replacement deputy press secretary is in the process of being brought onboard.

Singh’s departure marks the ninth staffer to leave the vice president’s team. Before Singh’s resignation, Harris was also forced to replace her press secretary, public engagement deputy director and communications director.

Thus far, there have been no public explanations for why Singh left the vice president’s team. Although, for months, various rumors have surfaced about Harris being a hard boss to work for.

According to reports, it’s not uncommon for the vice president to be demanding or lash out at her staffers during frustrating moments.

Poor Approval Ratings from the American Public

If the vice president’s high turnover rates amongst her staff weren’t problematic enough, her poor approval ratings aren’t working in her favor either.

Recent polling shows that 46% of the American public disapproves of Harris — similar to Biden’s approval ratings.

Previous vice presidents before Harris have maintained higher approval ratings during similar points in their terms. Her negative approval ratings come after a series of foreign policy-related public scandals, along with consistent problems at the southern border.

One year ago, Biden put Harris in charge of fixing the crisis at the southern border. Although, little has changed. Border Patrol agents are still being kept from doing their jobs. Drugs and human traffickers are still making their way over the border, which is adding to America’s public safety issues.

If things continue this way for the vice president, she can expect more problems to come her way very soon; specifically, in the upcoming midterm elections, where her party is likely to lose their control of Congress.