Justice Department ‘Arrests’ Former Teacher From Kansas As ‘Leader’ Of Female ISIS Combat Unit

The Department of Justice issued a statement on Saturday describing the arrest of a US citizen living in Kansas on charges centering on her leadership of an all-female ISIS military unit. After being arrested in Syria, the FBI took Allison Fluke-Ekren, 42.

The DOJ said that the former Kansas schoolteacher had been involved with ISIS-related terrorist activities since 2014. The criminal complaint filed against her in 2019 was unsealed after her arrest and alleged that she took part in planning a terrorist attack on an American college campus.

The affidavit supporting the criminal complaint says that Fluke-Ekren worked on a plot in 2014 to “dress like infidels” to deliver a “backpack full of explosives” to an unnamed college to kill students. A co-conspirator also told her that she could handle “logistics” because she knew how to enter the US from Mexico without being detected.

The DOJ also alleges that Fluke-Ekren in 2016 became the leader of Khatiba Nusaybah. That group is an all-female military battalion serving ISIS in Raqqa, Syria. All of the members were women married to ISIS terrorists. She has trained large groups of women and children in assault weapons, explosives, and suicide belts.

The criminal complaint says Fluke-Ekren was only interested in planning attacks designed to kill prominent victims. She discussed plans to blow up an American shopping mall using a vehicle loaded with explosives. The plan called to park the vehicle in the mall’s basement and detonate it remotely by cell phone.

She allegedly left the US in 2008 to move to Egypt. She moved on to Libya with her husband and then to Syria. Her first husband was reportedly killed during an attempted terror attack in Syria in 2016. She then married an ISIS member from Bangladesh who was also killed. After that, she married another ISIS leader involved in the 2017 attempt to defend Raqqa.

She is charged with conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization. Her first appearance was scheduled for Monday in the US District Court in Alexandria, Virginia.