Judge Blindsides Newsom With Devastating Ruling

Soon to be replaced, Governor Gavin Newsome won’t be listed as a Democrat in the California Recall Election because his lawyer missed the deadline.

Thomas A. Willis, an attorney specializing in election redistricting and campaign finance law, defended Newsom in the recall and argued that it was a mistake made in good faith for which he accepted responsibility. Over-confidence by Newsom could be his downfall in this recall election.

A California judge denied Newsom the opportunity to be listed as a Democrat, and it’s simply hilarious. Supreme Court also denied him this opportunity citing California law stating facts that clearly outline the process. Newsom is the Governor responsible for the change in the law.

According to Senior Political Editor Eric Ting, the way the recall will work is that the first question is “Should Gavin Newsom be recalled?” If more than 50% say yes, then a replacement will be selected from the second portion. Challengers such as Larry Elders, known for his magnificent robe from his Instagram posts, and Caitlyn Jenner will be prominent contenders for the Republican spot.

At least 26 Republicans, 16 Democrats, 11 No Party preferences, 3 Green Party, and one American Independent Party candidate are expected to be on the ballot. Still, candidates have until July 16, 2021, the day of this writing, to apply with a $4,000 filing fee or 7,000 signatures from supporters. This information came from ABC7.

Caitlyn Jenner is a toss-up contender who has sparked outrage among Republicans. They oppose her because of her identity and their personal religious beliefs. Jenner is a Republican who stands in the center on various topics, including gay and transgender rights. However, she has been a huger supporter of Donald Trump in the past, on the border wall and banning Transgender individuals from playing in female sports due to their biological advantages.

The left has blasted Larry Elders on his beliefs against Black Lives Matter and support of Donald Trump. As a Black American, the left assumes that Elders should be Democrats. Ultimately, this exposes their racial bias in political affiliation, but nobody on the left wants to discuss this issue.

In Republican fashion, the Republican party is the majority of candidates which will be an exciting battle. In the 2016 Primary, the stage was packed with Republicans. It may not be a good strategy, but all are free to run for the Governor’s spot.

The Green Party is always an exciting thing to watch. With very few elected officials. Anywhere, the party seems to be out of touch with the reality of American Politics.

According to Ballotpedia, between 1921 and 2020, four gubernatorial recall efforts have qualified for the ballot, and of those four, two have resulted in a sitting governor’s removal from office. The importance of a recall election is fundamentally constitutional. The 10th Amendment gives states the ability to decide policy and law inside of their condition. Elections and voting laws are no different.

California is certainly at odds with itself. The future of the state lands on this election. Newsom may not be able to profit from his position for much longer. Newsom granted PPP loans to eight companies that he had a stake in that totaled $3 million. That money could benefit the people of California, which is one of the reasons Newsom is being recalled as Governor of the state.