Jordan Seeks Probe Into FBI’s Treatment Of Conservative Employees

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) is urging the Justice Department’s inspector general to investigate claims that the FBI is discriminating against employees with conservative views. This request follows a report indicating that FBI security clearance reviews have questioned employees about their political beliefs and activities.

In a letter to Inspector General Michael Horowitz, Jordan expressed concern that the FBI is using political litmus tests to remove employees who do not align with the agency’s preferred views. “The FBI appears to be purging itself of employees who do not share its preferred political views,” Jordan wrote, stressing that such practices erode public trust.

A report by Just the News revealed that during a security clearance review, FBI officials asked whether an employee supported former President Trump, attended a Second Amendment rally, or expressed skepticism about COVID-19 vaccines. Jordan contends that these questions are irrelevant to determining security risks and infringe on First Amendment rights.

Jordan’s letter calls for a comprehensive investigation into the FBI’s practices. “These actions only serve to further erode the dwindling public trust in the FBI,” he wrote, highlighting the need for accountability.

Additionally, Jordan cited evidence from Judicial Watch that suggests FBI officials leaked nonpublic information about whistleblowers to a Democrat member of Congress to discredit them. The whistleblowers were set to testify about FBI misconduct.

Tristan Leavitt, representing the affected FBI employee, commended Jordan’s initiative. “It’s good to see Congress holding the FBI’s feet to the fire,” Leavitt told Just the News. He emphasized the importance of investigating how political questions were used to remove conservative employees.

The FBI has not commented on the relevance of employees’ political views or vaccine hesitancy to security clearances. The agency also did not address whether similar questions were asked about support for Joe Biden or other issues, like abortion.