Jordan Peterson Discusses Rise of the Violent Left

Clinical psychologist and popular author Dr. Jordan Peterson became emotional recently while discussing the mindset of violent rioters on the left with journalist Andy Ngo. Peterson lamented the fact that they are “worse than animals.”

Jordan was interviewing Ngo about his personal experiences in dealing with violent mobs in the Pacific Northwest and at hotspots around the country. Ngo recalled an incident in Minnesota after the death of George Floyd where a group of rioters happily kicked in a man’s teeth. He described his confusion and distress when the act of violence only seemed to ramp up the mob’s enthusiasm.

During the discussion, Ngo asked Peterson for his thoughts about what motivates mobs to act violently. He asked Peterson about the psychology of recent mobs given his clinical experience, pointing out that it seemed “animalistic” to him.

Peterson responded by saying animals just “kill to eat,” and these people are worse than that. He noted that humans have a twist that can make them “far worse” once they “really get going.”

He went on to say that he thinks the situation is like Cain’s act of killing Abel, as revenge against God for the “crime of being.” He said it is like Cain saying to God, “Abel’s your guy, what if I take him out into a field and beat him to death. How do you feel about that?”

Peterson earlier had disagreed with the idea that leftist mobs act the way they do because of some twisted sense of perverted “justice.” Peterson said the mobs are not committing violence against a perceived “fascist” or “racist” because they believe they deserve it. He said they “are not that good.”

Peterson said it appears they are just celebrating getting to watch some “poor son of a b**** get hurt.” The mere act of violence satisfies something “unbelievably dark in the souls.” He said the mobs have the desire to burn buildings, cars, the “whole g**d***ed thing” because they are resentful and bitter.

Ngo appeared on the March 28 episode of The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast in a wide-ranging interview about the current state of violence and institutional destruction plaguing America and the West.