John Fredericks Calls Fox News ‘24/7 Shill for Kevin McCarthy’

Radio talk show host journalist John Fredericks attacked the “Conservative Inc.” establishment and FOX News as a “24/7 shill for Kevin McCarthy,” during an appearance Thursday on Steve Bannon’s “War Room.”

These comments by Fredericks came in light of the controversy surrounding the bid of Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) for House Speaker.

History was made; the events marked the first time since 1859 that more than nine votes had been held in order to fill the position.

The longtime radio talk show host praised the numerous Republicans who worked to block the election of McCarthy for the next Speaker of the House.

“Number one Steve, this has been probably the greatest 48 hours in our movement. It’s energized our base like nothing I’ve ever seen. Our populace movement is now gaining steam with these 20 people who are actually standing up for us and standing for working people,” Fredericks declared, before accusing Fox News of essentially being an accomplice of McCarthy.

“The beauty of this Steve, in 48 hours: look what we’ve exposed. And the Club for Growth got exposed today. Let’s start with who we exposed in 24 hours. We exposed [the] entire Conservative Inc. The money-making machine off our backs. FOX News, all of them. FOX News has turned into a 24/7 shill for Kevin McCarthy. That’s all they are,” he continued.

“They’re not even reporting the news, right? and you go right down the line the whole bunch of them: Newt Gingrich, Trey Gowdy, Jason Gavvits. Sean Hannity last night absolutely being so rude to Lauren Boebert. The woman actually stands for something. Couldn’t get a word in, kept cutting her off. I mean, Brett Baier. The whole bunch of them got exposed. It’s like you went in the kitchen, you turned on the lights and there are cockroaches. It’s like that bathroom in your basement that you haven’t cleaned in 20 years,” stated Fredericks. “Finally you go down there you rip off the mat and see all that scum and you’re like, ‘Oh my god get out the ammonia, I’ve got to scrub this thing clean.’ They’re all getting exposed, Steve. This is the beauty.”

The political action committee (PAC) Fredericks brought up, Club for Growth, which has a history of opposition to former President Donald Trump, according to National File.

“Now you’ve got Club for Growth and David McKintosh. This is a Never-Trumper Swamp Organization tied to the Chamber of Commerce. They’ve never stood for anyone of our America First populist views. Now you’ve got David Mckintosh: cuts the deal. At first, he was opposed to McCarthy because he didn’t get anything.”

Fredericks attacked the Republican politicians backing McCarthy in his election for Speaker of the House, saying they are “willing to sell out working people in this country to protect their shill, Kevin McCarthy.”

“What is it they stand for?” Fredericks asked.

“What is it they plan to do? What’s their plan? They don’t have a plan,” he said. “I’ll tell you what. We have a plan. That plan is ‘No.’ We’re finally standing up. We’ve got 20 people.”