Joe Manchin Speaks Out About Issues With Southern Border

Since supporting the Inflation Reduction Act, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has let down many of his supporters, including some Republicans who maintained a friendly relationship with him.

Manchin’s support of the Inflation Reduction Act appears to have come after a handshake agreement that Democratic leadership would include in their next spending bill funding for West Virginia’s Mountain Valley Pipeline.

This funding is meant to finish the pipeline’s construction and get it up and operating. Unsurprisingly, since Democrats got what they wanted with the Inflation Reduction Act, they’re reneging on the deal made with Manchin, thus leaving the moderate Democrat in a tight spot.

Manchin’s approval rating in West Virginia fell by nearly 30 points after he voted for the Inflation Reduction Act. However, this isn’t stopping the lawmaker from making headlines.

This time, Manchin’s raised some eyebrows over his comments about the southern border.

Calling Out the White House
During an interview with Fox News, the issue of the southern border came up, along with recent commentary from Vice President Kamala Harris.

Despite record numbers of border crossings under the Biden administration, the vice president recently declared the southern border is “secure.” Manchin, on the other hand, told Fox News that Harris’ comments about the border are “dead wrong.”

The West Virginia Democrat also stated that he’s personally been to the southern border and witnessed the existing problems.

After Manchin noted he consistently voted in favor of a border wall, he claimed any wall on the border needs the appropriate technology and the right amount of agents on site.

Radio Silence From the Vice President
Thus far, neither Harris nor anyone else from the Biden administration has responded to Manchin’s comments on Fox News.

This is typical of the White House, though. When border states like Arizona and Texas asked for the federal government to help with mass border crossings, the Biden administration ignored it.

Ironically, even as left-wing sanctuary cities are seeking the federal government’s assistance in dealing with migrants being bussed to their communities from border states, the White House is ignoring it.

Like Manchin, many other Americans have called out the vice president for alleging the border is secure when every single piece of data and evidence demonstrates otherwise.