Joe Biden’s ATF “Raids” Amish Farmer

Joe Biden’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) has executed orders to crack down on “rogue gun dealers” by raiding an Amish dairy farmer in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The farmer says he is only a collector who occasionally sells his guns.

Farmer Reuben King’s property was stormed two weeks ago by ATF agents who seized an undisclosed number of his firearms. He was alleged to be operating a rogue retail firearm business. ATF spokesman Robert Cucinotta stated that the seizure was part of an “enforcement operation” at the dairy farm.

No arrests have been made, or charges filed yet in the matter. However, reports are circulating that the Department of Justice is contemplating an indictment against King for operating a retail gun business without the required federal license.

King told LancasterOnline on Tuesday that he would not deny that he was selling some guns from his collection. He said that his business was running his dairy farm as he was interviewed from inside his dairy barn housing around 50 cows. He would not say how many guns he owns but suggested the 600 reported didn’t sound right.

King said that he did not advertise his guns online and sold long guns to other Amish for hunting. He did say that he sold some guns to others but said that he did not “deal in handguns.”

King said that the ATF had not told him the number of guns a person can sell over any given time frame before they are considered a dealer needing a federal license. The ATF website documents only say that a permit is required for anyone “engaged in the business” of selling firearms. That term is not defined with a “bright-line” objective rule but is said only to require an examination of “specific facts and circumstances.”

The website says that the “general rule” is that a license is needed for someone who “repetitively” buys and sells guns with the “principal motive” of earning profits. Occasional sales from a personal collection are described as not requiring a license.

In addition to the question about the number of guns that King sold, the precise nature of the Amish faith might be part of the case. The Amish typically purchase firearms through private sales, as purchases from licensed retailers involve displaying government-issued photo ID. The Amish say that their religious beliefs prohibit them from being photographed.