Joe Biden Snaps At Another Female Reporter

It would be an understatement of the century to suggest that the press was antagonistic under Donald Trump’s administration. Some contemporary journalists earned their careers by generating chaos in the briefing room and claiming that Trump’s every move will bring the nation to its knees. The news industry’s self-righteousness was indeed a feature, not a flaw. Then Joe Biden became President, and all flipped. Suddenly, it was acceptable to criticize reporters. For instance, Joe Biden’s press briefing with Russian President Vladimir Putin was a catastrophe. The President repeatedly insulted and verbally assaulted a female journalist. Some people in the media were desperate enough to illustrate the strength of Biden, although it was not so awful. Conversely, it was also something to defend the reporter’s network.

Yet, Biden’s anger with reporters who ask simple questions has been a recurring theme throughout his brief tenure. Today at the White House, Biden sneered at an NBC News reporter for inquiring about vaccination restrictions for Veterans Affairs workers.

It’s ironic that even though Kelly O’Donnell is very probably supportive of Biden’s decision to run for President, Biden has been unable to make this distinction and recognize that he would be dealing with a likely ally who is serving up a softball for him. Dementia is a factor. Regardless, O’Donnell shouldn’t consider the President’s insult as praise. Instead, she should react the same way she would have responded if Donald Trump had said the same, definitely with Outrage and anger. Her colleagues should interpret it in the same manner because they reacted when Trump poked fun at them before. Nobody cares because it’s Joe Biden today. Instead, the press seems almost pleased that the current President would attack them. Isn’t he just the funniest person you could ever meet?

This demonstrates that all the gnashing of teeth about Trump being a threat to the free press was political politics. These journalists were never really worried about their well-being or the well-being of their profession. Rather than that, they saw freaking out about Trump’s every word to the press as a means to advance the political agenda that he was uniquely wicked.