Joe Biden Sets Record For Inaccessibility

In addition to his reputation for horrible policies and deferring to every appalling idea from the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Joe Biden is now documented as the least accessible American president in modern history.

The University of Santa Barbara has compiled an American Presidency Project database that keeps records of interactions between presidents and the media. Biden has recorded the smallest number of press conferences for any presidential year since Bill Clinton’s last year in office in 2000.

During that year, Clinton spent a vast amount of his time traveling to 22 foreign countries. Biden spent much of his first year in office traveling dozens of times to and from his homes in Delaware, where he safely hid away from the media completely.

Biden also holds the record of 64 days without a press conference after taking office. President Donald Trump held his first press conferences 27 days into his term. During his entire administration, Biden has held six solo conferences, during which he has an established pattern of calling on pre-approved reporters selected in advance.

By the end of November, Biden held only nine press conferences of any type and had still not appeared in the Brady Press Briefing Room. During his first year in office, Trump held 21 press conferences, and during 2020 he owned 35 solo press conferences.

Biden gave only 18 media interviews by the first of this month. President Trump had given 89 interviews by the same time in his first term. The number is even more remarkable given the social media Biden deals with, as shown by the whopping 141 interviews given by Barack Obama by the same time in his first term.

When asked recently about Biden’s general unavailability, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that staffers are “always competing with time on the schedule,” adding that Biden’s schedule has been “quite packed.”