Joe Biden Is ‘Set To Free’ The 9/11 Hijacker And ‘Spit On The Grave’ Of Dead Americans

The Biden-Harris regime has scheduled to free the 9/11 terrorist who did not complete his mission. Mohammed al-Qahtani, intended to fly United Airlines Flight 93 and the four other hijackers into a government building. He has been detained at Guantanamo Bay for the last 19 years. He failed in his quest to become a martyr in the most dangerous strike on American civilians in this nation’s history.

This action has produced shock from top Republican legislators. But what did these losers expect from the sock puppet Joe Biden and his lackeys in the Democrat Party? They are playing PR whack-a-mole with Biden’s orders acting as a rubber stamp on the worst policy and personal decisions in our nation’s history. The lasting damage of the Biden Administration may be greater than any terrorist could imagine.

On September 11, 2001, al-Qahtani and his Al-Qaeda buddies were ready to enact their evil plan. However, he was denied entry into the United States. He will be moved to Saudi Arabia. Maybe MBS will give him the Jamal Khashoggi treatment, but this looks more like parole.

The Biden Administration announced that last week they would liberate him into KSA custody. Saudi Arabia is set with radicals’ custodial recovery and psychological wellness care programs. That sounds like the 12-step program for terrorists. And unfortunately, their record reintroducing terrorists to civil society is not very good.

Republican Representative Mike Rogers (AL) is the lead Republican on the House Armed Services Committee. He said that this is a shocking capitulation to the extreme left. Except Biden is the bag man for the radical left. He is the nice-looking Walmart greeter that allows the Democrats to run this nation into the ground and destroy what peace and stability were introduced to the world under President Trump.

Rogers said that letting a 9/11 terrorist walk free is a horrifying decision. Then he recounted how Al-Qaeda killed almost 3,000 Americans. Really! Never Forget!

Mohammed al-Qahtani is very likely a member of this terrorist attack. All evidence aside, there is a 0% chance that he just happened to book a flight in the same place as the other hijackers. We have all the internal evidence in the intelligence reports to hold him as an enemy combatant. Had he traveled to America to take part in the assault, it would have been just one more massive failure of INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) to prevent visas for terrorists. The head of the 9/11 terrorists, Mohamed Atta, was waiting at the airport terminal. He could have just as well been carrying a big sign reading “Welcome Al-Qaeda” at the parking area. Atta planned to pick up al-Qahtani when he was denied admission to the United States at the airport.

Club Gitmo at Guantanamo Bay is home to 39 charged terrorists, including al-Qahtani. Most were released to other nations during the Obama Administration. And we sat here and took it.

Biden is doing the same thing because Democrats are radical terrorist appeasers and collaborators. What is the innocent explanation for allowing terrorists like al-Qahtani to run free and attack us again? Biden is a deranged sycophant, longing for the days as VP of the Obama team. Biden’s White House comms team claims al-Qahtani no longer represents a danger. They must be able to see into the future. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has shown that terrorists we stupidly let do not accept our grace, forgiveness, and mercy with a pledge to become better people. Instead, they kill more people!