Joe Biden Has Been Funding the Taliban All Along

Many Americans can recall the disaster that took place in Afghanistan back in 2021.

Against the advice of his own officials, Joe Biden chose to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan. However, the way in which the president removed US forces is what truly set into motion the rise of the Taliban.

Biden’s withdrawal of American troops took place before American citizens and allies were evacuated from Afghanistan. The end result of this was countless US citizens being stranded when the Taliban regained power, along with 13 American troops losing their lives.

After all of this, Biden didn’t take even a second to own up to his mistakes. Instead, the president said that how everything transpired actually turned out to be a success.

Now, it’s come out that Biden’s been funding the Taliban all along, according to PJ Media.

A Closer Look at Biden’s Financial Aid to the Taliban

Since America’s exit from Afghanistan, Freedom Center journalist Daniel Greenfield claims the president has used $1 billion in American taxpayer dollars to hand over to the Taliban.

In the wake of this report, the White House has argued the funds sent over to Afghanistan will not actually make it into the hands of the Taliban. Naturally, Greenfield sees this as a ridiculous claim, considering that the Taliban controls Afghanistan.

Aside from that, Biden also has a horrible track record when it comes to making promises about what will and will not happen in Afghanistan. The president also previously stated that Afghanistan wouldn’t fall into the hands of terrorists. Of course, this turned out to be false.

Biden’s promise to get all American citizens out of Afghanistan was a lie as well.

Unfortunately, this president has a track record of prioritizing the Taliban over the best interests of American citizens. Last year, during the withdrawal, Biden put his agreement to evacuate from the Taliban within a given timeframe over his obligation to ensure the safety of US citizens.

Then, when news broke out about Americans being stranded in Afghanistan after the Taliban retook power, the White House lied and tried to cover its tracks.

America Last

It is unfortunate to have a president who continues playing nice with America’s enemies.

Biden’s decision to send US taxpayer dollars over to Afghanistan comes on top of his recent appeals to Iran for oil. Meanwhile, the United States is more than capable of generating our own oil, gas, and natural resources.

All things considered, so long as Biden has the White House, he’ll continue cozying up to America’s enemies while putting the United States and its best interests last.