Joe Biden Gives Pennsylvania Plane Loads Of Illegal Aliens For Christmas

Christmas Day included a couple of likely unwanted presents for the citizens of Pennsylvania directly from Joe Biden. Two “ghost flights” arrived for Christmas at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport, bringing planes loaded with illegal aliens to be dumped into the local economy.

The ghost flights are described because the administration typically sends federally chartered planes out in the dead of night bound for cities deep inside the US, far away from international borders. The flight manifests are never made public and are not even given to the contractors operating the flights or local officials. The illegal aliens being flown in are put onto buses at airports, and no one knows where they are taken from there.

On Monday, Rep. Dan Meuser (R-PA) told NewsMax that the administration did their best to make the Christmas flights “very secretive.” He said that he has been able to confirm at least four plane loads of illegals, including underage migrants, have come into his state recently with “no information at all,” despite his requests of the State Department and Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas.

Meuser wrote to Mayorkas about a flight he learned of on December 17 in addition to the later flights. He understood that 118 minor migrants and 12 adults were flown into Scranton and bused out from a private hangar. He wrote that the lack of transparency and communication is unacceptable, adding that he could not answer any of the concerns raised by his constituents.

Lou Barletta is a Republican running for governor of Pennsylvania. He revealed that he had learned the two Christmas flights originated in El Paso, Texas, and carried illegal aliens being transported into Pennsylvania without any notice or information.

Barletta had previously written to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and the state attorney general about the December 17 flight. He asked why the plane was permitted to land at Scranton and why the public was not informed about the nature of the flight. He also asked if the passengers were vetted for criminal backgrounds or COVID-19 vaccination status.

Barletta said the only answer he has received is the additional transportation of illegals into the state on Christmas.