Joe Biden Gets Rough Questions, And Things Gone Worse

“I want to talk about happy things, man!” was Joe Biden’s response when asked about United States troops leaving Afghanistan.

That is not why you were elected, Mr. Biden. The job of a leader is to have discussions when things get tough. To give answers to the people even when it’s not favorable. That statement alone is why Biden shouldn’t be running this country and likely isn’t running it at all. It seems that Biden came into his presidency expecting a triumphant and happy four years. The world just came out of a pandemic, unemployment is rampant, businesses have been shut down forever, and the American people need answers about moving forward as a country. This “Build Back Better” slogan has yet to come to fruition. The U.S. president wields tremendous power on the planet. The Oval Office has more power than any other position on the earth. Biden is unconcerned about his job. On July 4th, Biden was asked, “If there is evidence that Kabul is threatened, as some of your intelligence has stated maybe in 6 months or so, do you believe you can help offer any air support? Or military support to keep the capitol safe even if U.S. forces are entirely out by that time?”

Now, before we go into Biden’s response, let’s talk about the question’s structure. The reporter inquired whether Biden was “capable” of delivering air support, among other things, to Kabul. Capable? The United States military is the most skilled in the world. What it seems that the reporter is suggesting is if Biden himself is capable of making that decision. That’s a fair question to ask, given Biden’s apparent show of cognitive decline. Biden responded that the U.S. had worked it out to be value-added, but the Afgan’s will have to do it themselves with the Air Force they already have. Biden refused to answer any more questions of Afghanistan. Indeed a show of weakness on the topic.

On July 8th, Biden held a press conference about the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Biden was asked if the money and lives lost were worth U.S. troops in Afghanistan for 20 years. He began his response by explaining that he was opposed to forces remaining in Afghanistan indefinitely and that no nation has unified Afghanistan, blah blah blah, then went on to say, “We went for two reasons, one, also too.” At this point, Biden has a blank stare toward the reporter and looks down and to his right side blinking his eyes several times as if to listen for his following words or forget what he said. He then looked up and continued, “To bring Osama Bin Laden to the gates of Hell as I said at the time.” Biden then smiles and chuckles as if he had won a prize at the fair.

No, Joe, remember when you told President Obama to be patient? Yes, we do. This administration’s and Obama’s boldness to rewrite history is offensive. If we go on stage every day as a tough guy with a weak mentality in front of the press, we erode the strength we’ve acquired.

A heated exchange ensues as a reporter asked if Biden trusts the Taliban. Biden Chuckles and says, “Is that a serious question?” “It’s absolutely a serious question,” the reporter responds. An exchange took place for roughly 30 seconds back and forth. Biden ultimately said he did not trust the Taliban.

Ultimately leaving Afghanistan will probably cause civil war in many parts of the country. But it seems inevitable that no situation of withdrawal would inhibit that from happening. The Taliban can’t be left unchecked, and America isn’t the “World Police.” There is no specific way that the situation will come to a halt. It’s not yet clear if the September 11th U.S. troop withdrawal date will come to pass. There are apparent issues with corruption in the Afghanistan Government that will also be uncharted territory with the removal of troops. Still, the U.S. is hopeful that some variation of peace can be achieved.