Jesse Watters Says Biden Interview Tapes Similar To ‘Blackmail Tapes’

Fox News host Jesse Watters is making big claims, saying that President Joe Biden’s interview tapes with Special Counsel Robert Hur are akin to “blackmail tapes” that could leave his campaign dead in the water.

Watters started a monologue referencing the classical work “The Prince” by Niccolò di Machiavelli, saying that a Prince “will be despised if he’s considered changeable, foolish or weak.”

He continued that instead, politicians need to show “courage, seriousness and, most of all, strength. Watters claims that “The Prince” is a book that all politicians have read and know well, bringing up numerous presidents who have struggled against their minds and bodies but kept up the facade for the strength of the nation.

The longtime media personality continued, bringing up the issues that Biden has been facing due to his age that the White House has worked night and day to hide.

But now there’s something that the White House is not able to cover up. Something that no matter what the Biden administration tries to do to keep it away from the eyes of the public, it will always be sitting in the back, like a ticking time bomb against the Delaware politician’s campaign.

“Biden’s DOJ has a five-hour tape that would end Biden’s re-election campaign,” the tweet Watters put out alongside his monologue read. “That tape’s now being leveraged over the president and can be used against him at any time. Not only is he compromised by the Chinese, he’s now subject to blackmail by his own administration. Worst of all, Biden’s base is now breaking off into factions, which is fatal to political power.”

The Fox News host brought up multiple different parts of the interview where Biden struggled to answer questions, such as when the career politician failed to remember when his son Beau had passed or when he had served as vice president.

Even worse for the Democrat administration, Republicans are taking full advantage of the weak president. The House Oversight Committee gave the Justice Department until February 19 to provide a transcript of the interview Biden had with Special Counsel Hur, stating that “Americans deserve transparency about President Biden’s mental state and his mishandling of classified documents.”

Watters finishes his monologue, noting how Democrats are beginning to work to replace Biden over his failing mental state and young voters are instead flocking to Trump.

“We’re watching how a prince loses political power,” he concludes.