Jen Psaki’s Latest Clean-Up of Biden’s Economic Policies is Embarrassing

As the press secretary of the White House, Jen Psaki is responsible for communicating the policies and positions of the administration. Likewise, Psaki also has the task of trying to make the president appear in as best a light as possible.

This is getting increasingly challenging to do, as time passes. Even with the best spins in the world, Americans can very clearly see what a disaster has been. This is why Democrats with elections in November are behind in the polls.

Of all the areas that Biden’s fallen short, the economy is the worst of all. This is what makes Psaki’s latest defense of Biden’s economic policies so embarrassing, according to Twitchy.

The Latest from Psaki on Biden and the Economy

On Wednesday, the White House press secretary was questioned about some of the president’s latest comments that have been walked back.

Examples of these comments include Biden talking about going to war, sending US troops to war in Ukraine, using chemical weapons against Russia, etc.

Psaki first claimed the president is inclined to “shoot from the shoulder.” However, the real kicker arrived when the press secretary attempted to position Biden as a positive influence on the US economy.

During the briefing, Psaki told the media that Americans, along with the rest of the world, need to see the ways in which Biden’s “leading” on the US economy.

This “leadership” that Psaki speaks of has triggered an energy crisis, an inflation crisis, high interest rates on loans, and even a potential recession next year.

If Biden is “leading” the economy, he’s certainly not leading it in a positive direction. This was pointed out by countless Americans on social media, following the remarks from Psaki.

The Leadership the Economy Needs

For nearly 16 months, Biden has done just about anything he could to ensure the economy takes one hit after the other.

By printing out money carelessly, the president devalued the worth of the American dollar, along with people’s bank accounts, savings accounts, 401Ks, etc.

By forcing through partisan spending bills, Biden increased consumer costs and ran up the national deficit without a care in the world.

Biden, Psaki, and others within the White House can continue claiming these are positive signs of leadership, but they’re not.

The leadership the economy needs is low taxation and a reduction in federal spending, just to get started. In order for this to happen, Congress needs to reject the various new bills that Biden already wants to be passed.

Thankfully, this November will give Americans the chance to fix the current power balance in Congress.