Jen Psaki Smears Peter Doocy on the Way to MSNBC Gig

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki tossed aside any pretense of objectivity last week as she doubled down on blasting Peter Doocy and Fox News. Her crude comments came even as she is being criticized for the ethically questionable negotiation of her upcoming lucrative media position with MSNBC.

During a live episode of “Pod Save America” that was streamed on Friday, Psaki was asked by the very friendly host about Joe Biden’s recent hot-mic comment describing Doocy as a “stupid son of a bitch.” She was asked if that was what Doocy truly is or if he only “plays one on TV.”

She responded by saying that he works for a network that provides its journalists with questions that would “make anyone sound like a stupid son of a bitch.”

Fox News anchor John Roberts responded later in the day by saying Doocy formulates his own questions and makes his own professional decisions about what issues to address during White House briefings. He added that Doocy sticks to the philosophy of “Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable,” and said that it that makes all legitimate journalists “stupid SOBs, so be it.”

Fox News weekend host Will Cain appeared Friday evening on the Jesse Watters Primetime show to comment on the controversy. He told guest host Lawrence Jones that her comments about Doocy are “unbefitting of her office,” but are perfectly befitting of the new job she has lined up while on the taxpayers’ payroll.

Fox News issued a corporate statement in response to Psaki’s comments that defends Doocy by saying his job is to “elicit truth from power for the American public.” It added that he asks his own questions and the network is “extremely proud” of his work as a “terrific reporter.”

Psaki is leaving the White House as a public employee who has already worked out her arrangement to represent ultra-liberal corporate media outlet MSNBC while continuing to cast doubt on the integrity of Fox News and its journalists. The sooner she is relegated to the basement of the cable news ratings report, the better.