Jeff Zucker And CNN Were ‘Made For Each Other’ And Now They Are ‘Divorced’

A week ago, Jeff Zucker, CNN’s CEO, was terminated. He had a long-lasting affair with a subordinate. After Zucker’s ouster from CNN, very little has come out about why. Jason Kilar, WarnerMedia CEO, held meetings with CNN personnel online and in New York, Washington, and Atlanta to discuss ongoing operations without disclosing any details about Zucker.

CNN talent seemed to adore Zucker. He must have let them get away with a lot. Many feel sad that he’s gone and uncertain about the future. Some are fearful expressing grief about Zucker and the decline of the network. Alisyn Camerota lamented interaction, the feelings of shockwaves running through the system, her lack of emotional wellness, and the weakening and disrupting of democracy.

Jake Tapper and Brian Stelter continue to defend a network that supported Jeffrey Toobin, Chris Cuomo, and Don Lemon. He loves to pretend that CNN is continuing a new tradition of the mainstream media. CNN continues to propagandize the American people like ABC overtly, CBS and NBC used to do more subtly.

Chris utilized editorial contacts at CNN to cover up stories about his brother and former Ney York Governor Andrew’s carnal harassment or worse. He is purportedly suing and looking for an enormous settlement. Zucker received a large payout and guarantee of a safeguard.

Zucker was highly agreeable and allowed the news team at CNN to run all over him. He could not hold them to the standards that he was urinating upon. Additionally, Zucker kept retaining connected and incompetent anchors indebted to him. CNN was the trash bin of talking faces. Zucker had created a codependent culture of dependency, using superficial friendships to safeguard them.

Zucker maintained power by playing to the Democrat Party wacko fringe and feeding their psychosis. The Russia deception, the Trump impeachment, Covington kids, BLM, and other leftist stories were carted out to keep any scrutiny at bay. He murmured the level he needed to advance the Democrat liberal narrative into their ears.

Now his flunkies are lost and in shock. Many will be terminated. Investigations are underway. They will press onward. They have rejected editorial norms. They are fake and phony news. And other networks like MSNBC will not touch them with a 10-foot pole. The talent moniker is a charade, just like everything else about CNN. It is being revealed as a sad, sick joke, except for the pompous, arrogant jerks who take themselves too seriously.

Jake Tapper creates the old perception that CNN has genuine news coverage as the ship is sinking. Joining this wreck could not have happened to a better guy than Chris Wallace, the liberal Sunday Morning host who attempted to destroy the Trump presidency with his sly and slanted account of the 2020 election. Wallace left Fox News to join CNN months before all of this broke, which tells you everything you need to know about him.

Zucker drew him from Fox, and now he’s gone. Tapper has the long knives out for Wallace and lets the competition commence. Wallace does not have the stomach for the internal politicking of a CNN storm.