January 6 Hearings Are Far From Over

For months on end, the January 6 committee has held various hearings regarding the Capitol riots that occurred last year. The committee claims its work is about investigating, getting to the bottom of the truth, and ultimately safeguarding American democracy.

Many people across the nation don’t agree with this interpretation at all.

In fact, the January 6 committee remains widely accused of being partisan, biased, and intentionally misleading. Some conservatives even warn this committee has a vested interest in blocking a Trump 2024 presidential run.

Nevertheless, the January 6 committee isn’t even close to concluding. It’s been recently confirmed that Americans can expect additional hearings later this year.

The Latest on the January 6 Committee
Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) serves as the chairman of the January 6 committee and dropped the big news.

Thompson confirmed this week that new committee hearings will take place in September. Committee chairwoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) also made this announcement as well.

According to the committee, fresh revelations about the riots and the White House’s response to these riots continue to be revealed to them. Cheney specifically claimed that a dam has started to open, compelling the committee to continue its work.

Throughout the committee’s hearings and probes, it’s continued to take aim at former President Trump. Trump, meanwhile, warns the January 6 committee is cherry-picking what it reviews and ignoring realities that don’t fit an anti-Trump narrative.

Growing Fatigue From the Public
News of the committee’s plans to hold additional hearings in September sent social media ablaze. Many Republicans warned the body is intentionally dragging this out to influence the midterms and otherwise keep Americans distracted from the real issues.

Meanwhile, January 6 committee members aren’t letting up on the narrative that they must see through everything that happened.

In some recent statements, Cheney warned that Trump is preying on his supporters and others who love the United States. Thompson, in similar remarks, also claimed the former president was the only person with the reach to stop the commotion on January 6, yet refused to do it.

Politically charged rhetoric like this is exactly what’s fueling criticism of the committee. At this point, these hearings are unlikely to sway anyone who still doesn’t trust the committee’s intentions.