Jack Posobiec Leads Thousands In Protest Against Anti-Christian Drag Queen Nuns

In response to the Los Angeles Dodgers inviting an anti-Catholic group of drag queens that masquerade as nuns to be honored with an award at their stadium, thousands of Christians gathered outside of Dodger Stadium during the event to protest.

The LA Dodgers previously rescinded the invitation to the so-called “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” in response to outrage from conservatives and Christians, but almost immediately reinvited the anti-Catholic hate group after backlash from the left.

Christians were angered over the group’s blatant mockery of Christianity — including a disturbing video of the drag queens using a cross as a stripper pole — but that was not enough for the team to cancel giving the group a “Community Hero Award.”

Thus, Christians and conservatives gathered outside of Dodger Stadium — shutting down the main entrance and bringing traffic to a halt.

“Thousands of Catholics have shut down the main entrance to Dodger Stadium on Vin Scully Avenue in protest of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence being honored tonight. They are now lining the sidewalks and have taken over the entire block,” tweeted independent reporter Savanah Hernandez, sharing a video of the protest.

In another tweet, Hernandez shared a clip of the protesters chanting “save our children” in English and Spanish, while speakers encouraged the crowd to stand up for their beliefs.

On Friday afternoon during the event, Catholics and other religious leaders spoke to the crowd at a rally before marching to the stadium. One of the speakers was a Rabbi who expressed solidarity with the Christians who were angered over the MLB team condoning the mockery of their religion.

Another speaker was Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec — an outspoken Catholic and conservative — who lead the crowd in Latin prayer and spoke about defending nuns “who put their lives on the line” and are now being mocked by drag queens.

“We are here today not out of hatred,” Posobiec said, pointing out that the event being held inside the stadium was sacrilegious in nature, and noting that protesters were there “not out of bigotry. We are here–and they’ll never understand this, they’ll never understand what we do–because this is from love.”

“This is love,” he continued. “This is Christ’s love. This is God’s love. This is the love for our families. It’s the love for our way of life, the love for our religion, the love for those who came before us.”

“And in this instance, we are here to defend the nuns, the sisters, the women who put their lives on the line, the women who put their blood on the line, time and time again,” Posobiec added. “Whether it be in Mexico, or Spain, or Russia, or Poland, or any of the places where the nuns were killed, where the nuns were attacked and destroyed. In the name of their religion, the same nuns who give their lives who work their fingers to the bone, for the poor, for the children, for the people who need it.”

Posobiec, who studied under nuns at Catholic school, told the crowd: “I will never stand down. I will never be silent. I will never go home.”

“You are about to activate every single Catholic, every single Christian, every single religious believer in this entire country,” he said. “I believe in my heart of hearts, because when one of those freaks puts on that make-up, and claims that they’re a sister, a member of a religious order, we know that’s an illusion. We know that is false.”