Is Joe Biden Reinventing Jimmy Carter’s Presidency?

Americans are suffering, no doubt or debate about it. Biden can change that but refuses. Constant pandering to lazy, entitled Americans not only shows how weak he is but what type of parent he is. With Biden’s son, Hunter, using his father’s political influence for positions he’s not qualified for and selling a painting to “anonymous” buyers, he has ridden the coat tail of his father for his entire life.

Biden has many similarities to Jimmy Carter, though many have said his policies and decisions reflect Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The New York Post said, “it’s looking like the Jimmy Carter era, except it took Jimmy Carter years to produce the disasters that this president has fostered in scant months.”

Energy challenges have arisen during both Carter’s and Biden’s presidencies. Carter overcame an energy crisis and helped America become more self-sufficient, but Biden proved to be far worse. After closing down the Keystone XL Pipeline and lifting restrictions on a pipeline for Russia, Biden has increased America’s reliance on foreign oil and laid off tens of thousands of pipeline workers with the stroke of a pen. Joe Biden doesn’t care about the country. Biden would rather have Americans on unemployment than working.

When Jimmy Carter was elected president, unemployment was 7.4 percent, according to, so what did Carter do? In the same way as Biden, Carter raised expenditures. The consumer price index (CPI) has risen by 13.4%. He requested the Federal Reserve to print even more money. Nonetheless, with inflation on the rise, the Federal Reserve Board chose to combat inflation by limiting the money supply expansion. Unemployment rose sharply, and interest rates rose to their highest levels in the country’s history. Is there a pattern here? Biden has certainly outdone Carter’s blunders. Unemployment surged to 10.8 percent, with one in every five Americans out of work.

Biden should be embarrassed at the damage he has caused but seems to relish in the disasters that the country has seen. Biden’s insulting reverse on almost all of Donald Trump’s policies has negatively impacted the economy, unemployment, inflation, the southern border, and many other issues that won’t be easy to turn around.

Stimulus programs and business shutdowns have caused tax rates to suffer, and the Biden administration has offered no plan to turn it around. Americans aren’t going back to work because it’s advantageous not to. Why go back to a $15 an hour job ($600 a week) when the government will pay you $900 to sit on the couch?

These are issues that the Biden administration won’t be able to “virtue signal” their way out. The media blasted Trump for four years about his policies, saying they were racist, xenophobic, and damaging to the American people, but what Biden has done will negatively affect everyone for many years to come.

The tactics of the Carter and Biden presidency are tactics all democrats have used. Chaos!

It’s unlikely Americans will allow Joe Biden to continue on his path of destruction when the 2024 elections roll around. With his cognitive issues showing in his press conferences and speeches, he may not even be the president for much longer.