Iran Plots US Assassinations While Biden Begs for Nuclear Deal

A new report reveals that Iran has been planning to assassinate current and former U.S. officials while Joe Biden continues to pursue a new nuclear deal with the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.

The latest threats were revealed during testimony by Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Sen Ted Cruz (R-TX) asked Blinken if the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps is “actively trying to murder former senior U.S. officials.”

Blinken answered by confirming that there are ongoing assassination threats that extend to both current and former officials. The confirmation follows recent reports that the Iranians were directly targeting former National Security Advisor John Bolton for assassination.

Blinken also identified former Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been and continues to be an Iranian target. Blinken is now the first administration representative to say current officials are threatened.

When asked what the administration is doing in response, Blinken told Cruz that a “strong message” being sent to Iranian nuclear deal negotiators is they “need to stop targeting” Americans. Blinken said the Iranians “said they know what they need to do” to address the concerns.

Even though the Revolutionary Guard Corps is an official branch of the Iranian Armed Forces, the Biden administration continues to negotiate with no clear conditions. The administration has even recently considered removing the Revolutionary Guard Corps from the designated terrorist list.

Media reports last month indicated that the U.S. was willing to offer the removal from the terror list in order to reach a new nuclear agreement. However, that offer also reportedly required Iran to commit to deescalating ongoing terror activities in its sphere of influence. Iran reportedly was not interested in making any such promises.

Politico reported Thursday that negotiations for a new nuclear deal have now “reached a complete standstill.” The classification of the Revolutionary Guard Corps appears to be the sticking point between the two nations. The outlet said that a new agreement is now seen as a “distant prospect.”