Internal Democratic Polling Research Indicates Moderate Voters Preparing For “Red Wave” In Midterm Elections

Polling and popular sentiment portend a massive “red wave” in this year’s midterm congressional elections, and Democrats are still flailing at Republicans in their effort to explain they are terrible approval numbers with independent and moderate voters.

The “battleground voters” are the ones pollsters identify as the politically moderate that could potentially be convinced by either party to vote for its candidates. Internal data gathered by Democratic Party researchers recently shows that those voters generally describe Democratic politicians as “judgmental,” “preachy,” and overly focused on America’s culture wars.

Nonetheless, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee remains committed to blaming Republicans for “culture war attacks.” In reality, Republicans are succeeding in campaigning against the “defund the police” movement and teaching critical race theory in American schools.

2020 saw Democrats use “defund the police” as a campaign centerpiece. Party leaders, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are now saying the movement does not reflect the party’s position. However, several progressive and radical Democrats are holding firm to the movement.

Although Critical Race Theory is not officially part of American K-12 school curricula, parents nationwide have been critical of social justice programs and COVID-related closures and restrictions. This week’s recall of several school board members in San Francisco and the election last year of Glenn Youngkin as Virginia Governor forecast the motivation voters are likely to feel this year.

Internal Democrat polling indicates that if the party does not change course on defunding the police and teaching Critical Race Theory, Republicans have a 14 point lead on the generic 2022 midterm ballot. Even if Democrats address the problems they face on those major issues, they remain between 4 and 6 points behind the GOP candidates.

The battleground voters the Democrats are most vulnerable with include Hispanics and self-identifying party independents.

In addition to the poor polling, Democrats are also dealing with the decision of 30 House Democrats not to seek re-election this year. Additionally, 35 other House Democrats have been classified as “vulnerable” in their bids for re-election. One-fourth of current House Democrats are either retiring or are in danger of losing, which enhances the sentiment that a “red wave” is coming this fall. Time will tell if the GOP can take advantage of the situation.