Inflation Is Eating Alive Everyday Americans

Days ago, Joe Biden made headlines for stating Americans “will be fine,” regarding inflation and other economic problems. This assessment comes as everyday people struggle to hold onto their jobs and keep up with growing prices.

Despite the current recession, the White House is very fixated on passing even more spending bills that will increase costs. Amid the negative impact that 2021’s American Rescue Plan is having on today’s inflation crisis, Democrats are still celebrating this law as a win.

Now, a new poll of Disney World fans shows just how toxic inflation has become in people’s lives.

Priced Out of Disney World?
A poll run by WFLA Fox-8 reveals that over 68% of Disney World fans aren’t feeling the magic of the park, now that it’s so expensive to enjoy.

Meanwhile, this poll also reveals more than 92% of Disney World fans agree vacationing at this park isn’t a luxury the everyday American family can afford.

Various fees tacked on to Disney World make it easy to understand this poll’s findings. For starters, ticket costs range between $134 to $154, just for one day alone. Of course, all days are not evenly priced. Some are more expensive than others, depending on the demand.

On top of this, Disney World has hiked its costs as a result of inflation. Various purchasable upgrades that people often enjoy when visiting the park are also now out of reach for many Americans.

In order to be able to attend Disney World and truly make the most of the experience, access to disposable income helps. Coincidentally, as prices keep going up, Americans’ access to disposable income is quickly dwindling down.

Part of a Larger Problem
The financial issues documented in the WFLA Fox-8 poll are not mutually exclusive to Disney World.

Vacations, in general, are becoming harder for people to afford. With airline prices going up, many Americans are finding themselves delaying or canceling vacations to put the money to better use. Even road trips are harder than they were before, owing to the increases in gas prices.

The White House has previously stated it understands Americans’ frustrations with the economy. However, the recent commentary from Biden claiming everyone will be OK proves that this administration does not understand.