Illegal Immigrant Deaths Surge During Heat Wave

Anyone paying attention to the southern border can tell that the shirts were given to immigrants saying “BIDEN PLEASE HELP the US” was not worn or carried from other countries. Walking through the heat would have ruined those shirts.

The border town of Laredo, Texas, has temperatures reaching over 100 degrees in the summer. A white shirt against those temperatures is a recipe for a wardrobe change.

The shirts appear to be screen-printed. The screen print process of t-shirt printing places an image, of a specific color, on the garment, and the image usually “flexes” with the movement of the shirt. Other printing processes leave a print on the shirt with a much more plastic-type look, and the garment “flexes” with the idea. It makes you wonder where the shirts come from and who is supplying them?

Many vendors have profited from replicas of the shirt. Most shirts are being sold for $20. Profit from tragedy isn’t a new tactic. On the contrary, shirts are opposing Biden reading “Biden Let Us Out.”

Dehydration has also been a constant issue at the Texas or Mexico border.

According to, it is unknown whether humans can live without water, but environmental conditions correlate with the survival time frame.

You can tell by the photographs taken at the border that border crossing doesn’t only happen at night photos from the border show lines of immigrants waiting to get across. Border Patrol has been tirelessly working trying to help the situation, but like usual, Democrat policies inhibit their ability to make a meaningful impact.

In the first three months of 2021, more people died in the San Diego Union-Tribune, trying to cross the border compared to the whole of 2019. The death toll remains imprecise because not all immigrants will be found, and smugglers, known as coyotes, are unlikely to disclose numbers. It raises more questions about responsibility. Who is to blame for the deaths? Though taking one’s life into one’s own hands and trying a border crossing is impossible to blame on a single person, moral and ethical standards still apply.

Most border crossings happen in the Rio Grande Valley. Fields and a river separate the United States from Mexico. CBP made a statement on dehydration, saying, “To avoid death or severe injury from dehydration, a person walking across the landscape in the heat of summer must consume no less than two gallons of water per day.” Two gallons of water weigh approximately 16 pounds. A man, woman, and child would need to carry around 35-40 pounds of water through rough terrain to survive one day. Assuming they could make it in one day. This number excludes food and supplies necessary to make the trek and doesn’t account for exhaustion and physical strain that the venture would naturally put on the body. Not to mention sexual and physical abuse by coyotes.

Coyotes will usually leave behind anyone who doesn’t keep up with them and mainly if injuries occur. Without a coyote, it’s challenging to navigate the area’s terrain and make it to the United States safely.

Sheriff Deputy Don White spoke to ABC News 7, saying, “If they knew what this was like, they wouldn’t have done it.” White was referencing the area of Brooks County, Texas.

White continues by saying, “When I do see somebody alive, they want my help.”

It’s an awful situation for everyone involved. People tend to twist the Border Patrol’s duty at the border to be wrong, and virtue signals their way to a humanitarian argument. Still, the actual humanitarian disaster is the Biden Administration’s handling of the southern border.