Illegal Aliens’ Attempts To Breach Military Bases Raise Concerns Of Potential Terrorist Attacks

The attempted breach of Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia by two Jordanian illegal aliens earlier this month has sparked fears among experts that such incidents could be “dry runs” for future terrorist attacks. This concern is further heightened by a recent shooting near the residence of a U.S. Army Special Forces soldier in North Carolina, involving a Chechen national taking photographs of the soldier’s children.

Dave Katz, a former federal firearms instructor at Quantico, believes the base incident was likely a “feasibility study” for a more sinister plot. He told Fox News Digital, “Driving the box truck was a dry run for driving a box truck that was not going to be empty the second time.”

These events are part of a growing trend of illegal aliens attempting to gain access to U.S. military installations. In the three years Border Patrol agents caught more than 360 people listed on the FBIs terrorist watchlist. In contrast there were 14 similar incidents, in the preceding four fiscal years.

The Biden administration has been under fire for its approach to border security as some believe that its strategies have encouraged individuals with terrorist connections to try crossing the border in larger numbers. Critics are particularly concerned about the administrations decision not to disclose the nationalities of individuals on the watchlist due to privacy reasons, which has only fueled the criticisms further.

As inquiries into the incidents in Quantico and North Carolina progress, policymakers and experts are urging for transparency and decisive action to tackle any national security risks posed by those entering the country unlawfully. The results of these investigations could have impacts, on border security measures and the upcoming presidential election.