Hunter Biden’s New Career Is Selling Access To His Father

Hunter Biden is brazenly using his father’s presidency for financial benefit. It’s evident that what’s occurring, just as it was when Hunter was strangely named to the board of directors of a sleazy energy firm in Ukraine while his father served as vice president. But the national media respond as if this is merely a question of bad optics, a momentary mistake in judgment that threatens to trip President Biden before he continues. On the other hand, that is not the case. Hunter Biden’s paintings are expected to sell up to half a million dollars each.

Three weeks ago, a significant article in the Washington Post revealed that White House officials were allegedly collaborating with Hunter’s dealer (his art dealer), apparently in the service of openness. To that purpose, they devised a scheme in which no one, including Hunter, would ever know who his customers were, protecting him from any potential conflicts of interest with his father, the president. Moreover, According to Fox News, Georges Berges, who would represent Hunter in the art sales, openly said in 2015 that his interests are with China, the same country for whom Hunter lobbied during his father’s tenure as vice president. On a lighter note, Hunter Biden, the leader of China’s future generation of contemporary painters.

However, the media continue to report on it as if the jury is still out. Let us seek the advice of one more ethical expert. According to the critical Washington Post report on Hunter’s new art-selling agreement, any sales would pose “possible difficulties” for the president. Joe Biden’s life may get more complicated if his son follows as a new career. Unfortunately, this is not the start of a new job. It’s the same profession Hunter had previously, except instead of claiming to understand the energy business in Eastern Europe or Chinese banking, he gets to mix primary colors and refer to access to the highest echelons of government as art. Biden’s “new career” does not resemble anything even innocent.

Hunter Biden is only a young man beginning on a new profession as an artist. Perhaps he should use a bit more caution, but that is all! Unfortunately, Americans have reached rock bottom, and a location Hunter is well familiar with. Similarly, he declares his “new profession” for what it is, in the same way, that the media did not perceive any ambiguity throughout the Trump administration. Therefore, it is an act of corruption.