Hunter Biden’s Attorney Is Pulling Out All the Stops

Thanks to the notorious laptop of first son Hunter Biden, Americans have gotten a firsthand look at how the Biden family operates.

Hunter’s laptop revealed his father Joe Biden and uncle Jim Biden were heavily involved in business deals with foreign governments. In these deals, the president himself was even referred to as “the big guy.”

This evidence also shows Biden was very much aware of his son’s overseas business deals, in spite of the White House alleging otherwise.

Amid revelations from the laptop and additional sources that have yet to be shared, federal officials are reportedly mulling over whether to charge Hunter Biden.

Naturally, the first son’s attorney is weighing in on this.

A Clear Attempt to Change the Narrative
Despite the credible allegations of Hunter Biden having a knowingly active hand in tax crimes and lying when purchasing a firearm, his attorney Chris Clark is trying to flip things around.

Clark wants the attention to be focused not on Hunter’s transgressions, but on the supposed misdeeds of federal officials.

When news broke of the Justice Department potentially planning to charge Hunter, Clark claimed it was a crime for this information to be publicly leaked. Next, Clark said the individuals responsible for the leak in the federal government need to be held accountable.

That’s not all though. The first son’s attorney is likewise on record saying that prosecutors considering charging Hunter must review agents’ evidence, along with that of “other witnesses.”

Clark specifically stated that prosecutors must consider witnesses who are engaging on Hunter’s behalf.

Deep State United?
Despite reports of federal officials weighing charges against Hunter Biden, many Americans have raised concerns about the possibility of Hunter ultimately getting to walk.

Before the 2020 presidential election, a former business associate spoke with the FBI at length about Hunter Biden and his shady business practices. The agency promised to follow up with this business associate, yet never did.

At the same time, it wouldn’t be out of character for Joe Biden to use his reach as president to shield his son from legal repercussions. As so many Americans have pointed out, if an average person did even a fraction of what Hunter stands accused of, they’d be behind bars right now.