Hunter Biden Trying To Get Out Of Paying Child Support

The various scandals and controversies associated with Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden, continue to accumulate.

At this point, it’s a known fact that Hunter used his father’s political influence to cut business deals overseas and have $1.5 billion wired to his private equity firm from the Chinese communist regime.

Hunter’s predilections for drug abuse, liaisons with prostitutes, and lashing out against his relatives have also been made clear. The first son’s infamous laptop that was once written off as fake news has since been proven as very real.

However, things appear to be getting even worse for Hunter. This time, the first son is in the news for trying to weasel his way out of making the appropriate child support payments.

Hunter Biden in Poverty?
A few years ago, Hunter Biden impregnated a sex worker and then denied paternity. Eventually, DNA testing proved that Hunter Biden was, in fact, the father of this woman’s daughter.

Thus far, Hunter isn’t believed to have any sort of relationship with his daughter. Though he is on the hook for making child support payments. This is something the first son wants to change, however.

Hunter recently submitted a motion in Arkansas court to have his legally mandated child support dues lowered. Apparently, the first son wants the court to believe “financial circumstances” are inhibiting him from paying for the care of his daughter.

At the same time Hunter alleges financial hardship, he’s also been photographed flying on Air Force One and departing from his own Porsche. All things considered, it’s hard to believe the first son is seriously facing any real financial problems.

A Sad Story
Hunter’s efforts to weasel out of child support payments come amid his newfound art career that involves selling paintings for at least $75,000 each.

The White House, unsurprisingly, has done everything it can to keep this story close to the vest, as it has with many of Hunter’s other scandals.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden himself hasn’t even met his son’s daughter. The child’s mother alleges that neither Hunter nor his father have any relationship with the little girl whatsoever.

While the first son doesn’t have any time for his own daughter, he certainly has time to make the most of his father’s name and influence.