Hundreds of NYC Teachers Fired For Refusing Vaccination Mandate

Hundreds of New York City public school teachers are now unemployed after the city’s Department of Education terminated them for refusal to comply with the district’s vaccine mandate.

The New York Post reports that, with the additional 850 educators let go for resisting the compulsory jabs, the total of school employees given their walking papers in the city has reached 1,950.

Before the firing of the 850 teachers, another 1,300 employees placed on administrative leave decided to show proof of vaccination and retain their positions. Those who were fired also lost health benefits.

The system said that those who did not show up with their paperwork proving vaccination had “voluntarily resigned.”

It was last Oct. 4 when then-NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio put the mandate out for 148,000 public school staff members. Roughly 5% objected to being forced to take the COVID-19 jab and were placed on unpaid leave.

New Mayor Eric Adams continued the policy, saying that city workers show residents they are doing “the right thing” by being vaccinated to protect themselves and NYC’s citizens. And teachers are far from the only public sector employees to lose their jobs over refusing the mandate.

Gov. Kathy Hochul oversaw the firing of tens of thousands of health care workers after she carried on the state’s mandate to include staffers at medical facilities. Police officers and firefighters also were terminated for refusing to get the shots.

Firing hundreds of city teachers only exacerbates the problem faced in New York City and across the region. The New York State United Teachers Association reports that roughly 180,000 new educators must be hired over the next decade, and there is already a serious ongoing shortage.

It is unpardonable that U.S. employees continue to lose their livelihoods over COVID-19 vaccinations. President Joe Biden recently declared the pandemic to be over, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admitted that vaccines can be ineffective at controlling the spread.

Also, the CDC recognizes the protections and immunity provided by having a prior infection. Still, New York City teachers and others across the country continue to suffer due to their personal stands. This is inexcusable.