Huge State Department Announcement Shows Biden Lied And Sends The Afghanistan Situation Into Code-Red Territory

When Biden took the podium for 10 minutes after being an hour late, he made a tremendous fool of himself. He only answered pre-selected questions about Afghanistan, and that too were blatant lies proving the careless and unaware leader he is.

Biden stated on the podium that the citizens trapped in Kabul were facing no difficulty reaching the airport. Still, alarmingly, the State Department released a completely contradictory report. The citizens in Kabul were being told not to leave for the airport as the path was no longer secure and were advised to shelter in place. A complete opposite situation to what Biden had stated, and that too was released before he took to the podium, so it’s hard to believe that Biden was unaware of the situation or decided to lie in the faces of Americans.

Biden’s lies are being surfaced one by one as the situation in Kabul worsens and thousands of Americans are under the threat of being killed by the Taliban’s who now roam the Kabul streets. The entire administration has chosen to ignore their people stuck in Kabul. At first, told them to reach the airports to be evacuated without providing any clear, secure route and asked them to leap of faith. And now, as the chaos spreads, the State Department is not hiding facts anymore and has told them not to leave their places.

There seems to be no solid solution moving forward. The airport is overcrowded, with people being run over by stampedes and having their documents snatched. The only hope for the citizens now will be if the US troops are once again disseminated into Kabul to have them evacuated, requiring a man with Backbone in the White House.