Huge Majority Of West Virginians Want Joe Manchin To Stop Biden’s “Build Back Better” Spending Spree

With the passage in the House of the monstrous “Build Back Better” budget reconciliation spending bill crafted by the radical progressives pushing the buttons for Joe Biden, public attention is turning to the “moderate” Democrats in the Senate, most notably Sens. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and Joe Manchin (D-WV). Without both of their votes, the Democrats cannot hope to see any version of the budget bill enacted.

A new poll indicates that Manchin enjoys strong support among West Virginians in opposing the multi trillion-dollar leftist boondoggle. The poll was conducted by MBE Research during the week of November 7 among registered West Virginia voters and shows that 74 percent oppose the budget reconciliation bill.

Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) has called Manchin “anti-Black,” “anti-woman,” and “anti-child” for failing to timidly approve of the spending bill despite the interests of his constituents. She added that she is looking for “transformative change.”

At about the time the poll was being taken, Manchin said that he is “open to supporting” a spending bill that moves the country forward but is “equally open” to oppose a bill that “hurts our country.” In describing the bill as drafted, he said he is concerned about inflation and sees “shell games and gimmicks” hiding the “real cost” of the spending measure.

He went on to say that the bill is “ill-advised” if it will expand social programs and “irresponsibly add” to the $29 trillion national debt. He noted that inflation is hitting his voters “extremely hard” as they see spiking gas and grocery prices.

The poll shows that Manchin’s approval rating in his state of 60 percent swamps Biden’s 32 percent approval. The disapproval rating for Manchin is 37 percent and sits at 65 percent for Biden.

Manchin stated the poll numbers show that he is working for the interests of West Virginia and not Washington.

Mark Blankenship with MBE Research said that voters “want to be listened to,” and the numbers indicate that they believe Manchin is taking their views to heart.