How “The View” Ladies Used To Treat Trump Vs. Now

The View hosts have always been particularly kind to Democrats. Remembering back to 2000 when Norm McDonald was a guest and asked about the election, he said, “Well, I hope the Democrats don’t steal the election from the winner, you know, but who knows.” You can imagine the host’s reaction.

The hosts said, “You like George Bush, huh?” Norm responded, “I love George Bush, man, he’s a good man, decent, you know. He’s not, you know, a liar, crook, murderer, or anything like that. It would be good to get them, see I think we should get the homicide out of the White House.” The hosts piped up and said, “I think we should just get on to the next question,” and went on to say Norm wouldn’t be invited back.

Fast forward to the current day, and The View isn’t much different. Though the hosts have changed drastically, the politics are the same. They used to speak about Donald Trump as an “upstanding American.” Still, the other hosts, loudmouths really, have to flip-flop on the Donald Trump topic so many times it surprises anyone who watches the show anymore. It’s no secret that the hosts have liked Donald Trump on stage, from his hair to his financial success. But how do they feel about him?

“Listen, Donald, there’s nothing you haven’t been successful at, you’re a great character, you’re great friends of ours, we don’t know if you should be President, but we do know that you’ll enjoy.” Trump spoke up and asked, “But you do admit that I’d be a great President.” Great times.

Now, fast forward to the current show, and Whoopie Goldberg says, “The person who began running was not the person I knew,” and Joy Behar says, “I wasn’t friends with him,” when she was called out for going to his wedding.

It could be blamed on ratings, but The View has around 2.7 million viewers, or it could be because almost every celebrity is following the trend of “I hate Donald Trump.” While talking to Seth Myers on Late Night with Seth Myers, Joy explained what she and Trump’s relationship consists of, “He hates me then he likes me then he hates me now he hates me again.” If you sit back and talk trash about someone, then yes, Joy, they’re going to dislike you. I hate to break it to you.

Donald Trump Jr. Has also been on The View. He mopped the floor with Whoopie and Joy by calling out the hypocritical things they’ve done and said. Trump Jr. Went after Joy first, saying, “You have worn black face,” and Joy indeed denied it, but a picture is worth 1000 words, and the image has circulated through social media and the news. You can’t run away from that one, Joy.

Next, Trump Jr. went after Whoopie saying, “You said that Roman Polanski, it wasn’t rape, rape when he raped a child.” Whoopie defends Polanski by defending his actions. Polanski has been accused of several sexual abuse claims and violent rape of a female back in 1975. The hosts weren’t happy about this and became enraged when Trump Jr. put them on blast, but it shows how hypocritical the hosts are.