How Deep Do The Chinese ‘Hook In Biden’ Go?

Joe Biden is just racking up foreign policy failures. He held a democracy summit where he insulted Taiwan and laid out the red carpet for China.

At the beginning of the conference, he babbled about a united government, common society, and the private sector putting forward a positive plan. He wants to preserve electoral systems and integrity through UN oversight and avoid dangers in vote-based systems. Instead, he should recommend that all states undergo a full audit of the 2020 election if he were earnest about democracy. But that’s old news, right.

Biden hacked, muttered, slurred, and gaffed his way through a short speech about the Breaking Bad Better bill that adds certainty in government as if he knows how to run a nation. His platitudes and recommendations for the rest of the world fall flat. No one is confident in his leadership. Some nations face severe problems, say Afghanistan, sinking into tribal and sectarian violence.

Rather than confronting oppressors, the White House had a video feed of Taiwanese pastor Audrey Tang giving a slide show. During Tang’s performance, he showed Taiwan as a different country in another color shade than China. When out of nowhere, the feed was cut. Everyone wondered what happened? Then Tang’s voice returned with no video. Curious. Why did the Biden maladministration fiddle with the presentation?

Taiwanese Digital Minister Audrey Tang caused horror and cut at the command of the White House. Biden’s comms team was worried that separating Taiwan and China was a bad idea. Taiwan is under extreme strain. Washington wants to maintain its one-China policy. The State Department said it was in disarray over a screen-sharing zoom glitch.

Biden is dancing to the Chinese tune instead of remaining loyal to our Democratic partner Taiwan. So much for the will of the people. China may not like it when America points out their human rights abuses and perversion of social liberties, such as the reeducation of Peng Shuai. She is the only Chinese tennis player to have attained the top world ranking in women’s doubles. And China does not like being associated with their Pitbull North Korea or called about because of their digital surveillance and tyranny.

White House National Security Council (NSC) contacted the State Department about the presentation showing Taiwan as a country. White House guidelines issued by the staffers and lobbyists who run this country now had obvious strategy concerns.

The Biden-Harris maladministration pays homage to China and defers to their interests. It is a bad sign for Taiwan. Even if Biden wants to avoid conflict with China, selling out Taiwan will only encourage the Chinese. They could be held in check with a multilateral diplomatic effort instead of promoting their rise to hegemonic dominance in the South China Sea, which will, in effect, threaten Korea, Japan, and other allies in the region.

Biden let China know that they could push us and take Taiwan. Republican Senators Ted Cruz (TX) and Tom Cotton (AR) criticized Grandpa Joe’s poor performance. It is not enough to boycott the Olympics. Biden should strip all economic advantages from China and cause them to feel it in their wallet. But that may conflict with Joe Biden’s wallet and those of his pals.