Horrific Reason Americans Are Now Being Told Not To Come To The Kabul Airport

Biden is entirely clueless about the situation of trapped Americans in Kabul. He stated that they have been getting to the airport to be evacuated without danger or difficulty, but various reports claim the contrary.

The US military’s ill-planned withdrawal from Afghanistan left the country in the hands of the Taliban. About 10,000 American citizens and Afghan allies of the US have been left behind in the country thanks to the Biden administration’s careless oversight. Many have raised doubts regarding the safety of the American citizens and Afghan allies in Kabul and the surrounding cities and the animosity surrounding their evacuation. Still, Biden has been as clueless as ever and stated that they were facing no difficulty in reaching the Kabul airport.

The State Department has announced that it is no longer safe for the Americans to get to the Kabul airport. They have reported that the citizens are at risk of getting killed by the Taliban right outside the airport. Moreover, they are also highly likely to get crushed under the stampede outside the airport or whipped by the Taliban, as recorded by Sky News. The people are gathered outside the airport in hopes of getting in and escaping the country. There is a constant need for medics there, and the threat of the Taliban’s opening fire is constantly there.

The reporter of Sky News, Stuart Ramsay, reported the situation in Afghanistan as utterly horrendous and the worst thing ever seen as described by the hardened combat soldiers. Ramsay said the worst problem, and people were being taken under medical care out of the chaos. The people are being crushed and pushed further to the edge with no space to escape. The Afghan interpreter has confirmed the report for the US Muhammad Naim, who told the situation of his own family stuck at the airport for four days in hopes of catching a flight out of Kabul. He told Associated Press that he had to put his children on the car’s roof to save them from getting crushed, but he saw others getting crushed by the stampede as they failed to get out of the way.

The situation in Kabul is crazy right, and no matter what Biden says, his words can not be relied on. The person responsible for the mess has no idea what chaos he has left behind for the people and continues to make nescient statements about an avoidable situation if there had been a competent man in the White House.