High School To House Illegal Immigrants In NYC

“Remote learning” is a concept that hearkens back to the dark ages of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it appears to be making a return in the Big Apple. Students in New York City’s James Madison High School will not be attending classes in person this week because the school buildings will be used to house some 2,000 migrants.

These immigrants had previously been housed in a large tent at an airfield in the Brooklyn section of New York City. The historic Floyd Bennett Field has been criticized as being miles from schools and too remote from basic services to be a suitable long-term residence for the migrants. Indeed, incoming cold and rainy weather has necessitated an indoor shelter, and the gymnasium and auditorium of the James Madison High School have been selected.

Parents and officials are livid about the school being used for this purpose. Among the objectors is Area Assembly Member Michael Novakhov (R), who stated in a press release that “The City of New York’s decision to prioritize migrants over our communities, budget, safety, and even the education of our children has raised serious concerns”.

During the remote learning period, teachers will not be available to James Madison High School students except by advance request via email. The official notice from the school indicates students are to complete Google classroom assignments independently.

This is not the first time New York City public schools have been used to house illegal immigrants.

Many have remarked that New York has long been a “deep blue” state, with its largest city voting even more predominantly Democrat than the rest of the state. Biden’s open borders policy, together with New York’s sanctuary city status are centerpieces of a liberal agenda that residents have overwhelmingly supported. Criticisms have implored residents to reconsider support of Democrats in the future.

Illegal immigrants have been arriving in droves to sanctuary cities, with numbers dramatically increasing during the Biden presidency. Nearly 34,000 illegal immigrants have arrived in New York City in the past twenty months. Shelters have been overwhelmed, and many have been housed in midtown hotels.

The city has had a court-ordered “right to shelter” mandate since 1981, which required same-day beds be provided for any homeless person who requested one. The sheer numbers of arrivals in recent months have made this unsustainable. Mayor Eric Adams (D) has even floated the suggestion that private homes be used to shelter illegal immigrants.