Here’s Who Aided & Abetted General Milley’s Act Of Treason

It would have been unbelievable for General Mark Milley to have acted alone, and in fact, he didn’t. According to new information, Milley didn’t act alone.

President Joe Biden has said that he has “great confidence” in Milley after his treasonous act of informing the Chinese government that he would communicate any attacks on them from former President Donald Trump. At least that’s according to ABC News White House correspondent Cecilia Vega.

Milley said at a press conference that he takes an oath to the Constitution, but his actions speak very loudly. If the reports of Milley are accurate, he violated Article II of the Constitution by speaking to the Chinese government about military moves that the U.S. might be taking.

According to many reports, Mark Esper, the former Defense Secretary, was the first to take action against Trump, and Milley was following his lead. Milley wasn’t acting alone.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is also included in the accusations. Pelosi reached out to Milley with concerns about the nuclear launch codes in an attempt to safeguard them. From what? Trump wasn’t unhinged as they’re making him out to be. If there was an actual threat from China that needed to be handled, Trump should have done so. Milley pulling a stunt like this doesn’t give Americans the security they once had in the top leadership of military leaders.

This entire administration has been a disgrace to the Constitution and the American political system. Biden can’t keep a sentence, he can’t follow the law, and he’s making every effort possible to force Americans to take the Covid-19 vaccine and wear masks forever. Vice President Kamala Harris has been absent in this presidency and has failed to secure the southern border, and now Milley has colluded with China against Trump. It’s an end world-type story that will never end and only gets worse, but the good thing is that it’s being exposed.

Pushing forward is vital for Americans, but accountability has to come first. If the Biden administration won’t hold these people accountable, our institution of democracy is lost. All bets are off the table for the continuance of our American societal structure.

Democrats have been acting like Republicans, and Trump, especially, has been forming some coup, but it’s been the Democrats the entire time. They’ve been projecting their actions onto the Republican party just like they do with racism. Biden’s racist comments on the campaign trail should have been enough for America to open their eyes to the destruction coming, but it didn’t. They voted and decided to put a degenerate older man that can’t complete a sentence into the White House, and this is what we get for it? Is it what 80 million Americans voted for? I don’t believe it.