Heated Exchange Over Biden’s Cognitive Health Erupts In House Financial Services Committee

Lawmakers on the House Financial Services Committee clashed Tuesday over questions regarding President Joe Biden’s cognitive health, leading to a tense exchange involving Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen. The incident highlighted growing concerns and scrutiny of Biden’s mental fitness following his debate performance against former President Donald Trump.

During the hearing, Republican Rep. Mike Lawler of New York asked Yellen about her observations of Biden’s cognitive abilities during their meetings. Biden’s debate performance on June 27, which included moments where he froze, lost his train of thought, and made verbal errors, has raised questions about his mental acuity.

Lawler’s inquiry about Biden’s cognitive state prompted a defensive response from Yellen. “The president is extremely effective in the meetings that I’ve been in with him. That includes many international meetings that are multi-hour, like his meetings with President Xi,” Yellen stated. Lawler pressed further, asking if she had noticed any signs of cognitive decline, leading to an interruption from Democratic Ohio Rep. Joyce Beatty, who argued that Yellen was “not a physician” and should not be asked such questions.

Lawler clarified that his question was based on Yellen’s personal observations as a cabinet member, not a medical diagnosis. The exchange escalated when Beatty demanded that Lawler’s words be stricken from the record. The presiding Republican Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer of Missouri intervened to restore order.

Lawler then asked Yellen if there had been any discussions among cabinet secretaries about invoking the 25th Amendment, to which Yellen responded, “No.”

Biden has faced increasing calls from within his party to reconsider his re-election bid due to concerns over his health and age. His mental fitness has been a recurring issue, further exacerbated by instances where he claimed to have spoken with deceased individuals and multiple falls during his presidency.