Hannity: Biden’s ‘America Last’ Agenda Putting More Than Just The US At Risk

Sean Hannity, host of “Hannity,” challenged his audience during Thursday’s Opening Monologue and asked to name a single good achievement by President Joe Biden or his administration. Hannity also stated that every decision Biden has taken has resulted in tragedy or peril. For instance, he changed Trump’s border policy. He allowed hundreds of thousands of undocumented, untested coronavirus illegal immigrants to enter the country or rob future generations through record inflation, debt, and spending.

According to Hannity, It has now made a strong comeback following his vow to eradicate COVID-19 from the planet. However, Americans would die directly as a result of these actions. He highlighted that Biden is responsible for the most significant viral super spreader incident in modern and American history. Moreover, Biden gave Putin a “gift” by allowing the completion of the Nord-Stream II pipeline beneath the North Sea while simultaneously canceling a proposed Canadian-American pipeline on the American side of the border.

Additionally, according to Hannity, another concern is that what does America get when Biden pays the Iranian Mullahs $7 billion in bribes? They’re ramping up the rate of uranium enrichment right now while threatening to blow up American military and naval bases while lecturing the secretary of state about human rights. Furthermore, Hannity stated that one of the dangers in the present problematic situation is China annexing Taiwan under the reunification premise. Therefore, Joe Biden’s policies erode America’s strength, putting them at risk both domestically and internationally. Afghanistan has been a humbling experience. Instead of a phased withdrawal of US soldiers, President Biden pushed for the American soldier’s departure by August 31st. He stated that a Taliban takeover was quite impossible. Hence, he makes a mistake.