Governor Newsom Allegedly Had Response To COVID Booster

New reporting sheds some light on Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom’s recent absence from public view for almost two weeks after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot in October. Suspicions were first raised when the governor canceled his planned trip to the UN climate junket in Scotland two days after receiving the shot.

Upon making his first public appearance after that just this week, Newsom made a strained explanation that he canceled his trip because he decided to stay at home for Halloween.

Now sources have told the Daily Mail that Newsom experienced fatigue and muscle weakness after receiving the booster and a flu shot near the same time.

Newsom’s first reported appearance after Halloween came last Saturday at the exclusive wedding of Getty oil heiress Ivy Getty in San Francisco. The governor’s press secretary Daniel Lopez immediately denied that Newsom’s prolonged absence from the public eye was related to his COVID or flu shots. Lopez said that the two shots were “administered separately,” and Newsom did not have any adverse reactions.

In a statement on Wednesday, Newsom said that claims that he had an adverse reaction are “made up.” He added that he had “absolutely no impact whatsoever” from any of the vaccination shots he has received, including “no fatigue” or “soreness.” He did say that he had soreness from the flu shot he received. 

Newsom issued an executive order in October that compels all eligible students to receive the COVID vaccination from attending any school in the state. That mandate comes in the face of the medical finding that unvaccinated children have better protection from COVID than vaccinated adults. This week’s reporting indicates that Newsom is so devoted to the idea of compulsory vaccination that he was willing to conceal his adverse vaccine reaction from the public.

Meanwhile, the corporate media has been covering as usual for Newsom and has not reported on the reasons for his extended absence from any public appearances.