Governor Greg Abbott Sends Tanks To The Border

Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott has directed the Texas state military to send tanks to parts of the border after declaring an invasion. The National Guard is ready to deploy 10 M113 Armored Personnel Carriers to the border in the coming days. The Texas military is prepared to handle the border crisis and stop illegal activities from crossing the Texas-Mexico border.

The Military Department told the Washington Examiner that sending tanks is part of a larger story, and they will use every tool available to combat the record-breaking illegal immigration. Gov. Abbott declared an invasion last week, saying he would use powers granted by Texas’ state constitution in defense. He declared, “I’m using the constitutional authority & other authorization & executive orders to keep our state & country safe.”

The state will also boost aircraft flights, but the department needs to specify how many flights or helicopters will be sent. Tank-like vehicles are primarily used to ensure troops get through dangerous areas safely. Initially, these were used during the Vietnam War because they could withstand minor outside explosions.

Roughly 50 soldiers will be trained to operate the Armored Personnel Carriers. But state officials are not disclosing where the tanks are going on the border. Abbott has listed several initiatives to combat illegal immigration. He plans to deploy the Texas National Guard and Texas state troopers to the border, return illegal immigrants to ports of entry, and build more border walls.

Abbott’s declaration makes history as the first time a state has determined that the federal government failed to protect citizens. The failure allows the state to defend itself as over 2.3 million illegal immigrants crossing the border in the fiscal year 2022. His declaration comes one week after Abbott won a third term as Texas Governor.