Gov. Desantis Shows Kamala And Joe How To Do It At The Border

Ron DeSantis visits the border and flexes on Kamala Harris when he was there.

The Biden administration has actively opposed everything Donald Trump has done. This weak position is due to hate in politics. The American people are placed in a dangerous situation when politicians put laws, executive orders, and policies to oppose a political opponent. Rarely does it ever help?

It destroys the trust and faith in our governmental institutions, which has been eroding over time. Representative democracy means just that, representation. Regardless of left or right, the American people aren’t being represented by the Biden administration. When it comes to border security, you have to be strict no matter where your morality lies. America isn’t a charity case, and nobody should be treated as such.

The Democrats have a problem with consistency. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said in 2019, “No child should ever be separated from their parents” while visiting the border. Still, as soon as Biden was elected, she has kept her mouth shut about the issue, which has gotten worse.

Illegal border crossings are exponentially higher today than when Trump was president, continuing to grow. Not only are children still being separated from their families, but the problem has also gotten so bad that parents aren’t coming to detention facilities to pick up their children because they’re afraid of being deported. So, children sit in facilities with no parents, no friends, no hope, and AOC isn’t talking about it because Biden is president. What a disgrace to her political position.

According to CBP, in June 2021, they encountered 188,829 people attending entry into the United States. Biden tried to argue that the uptick in numbers was “seasonal.” What an idiot.

Desantis got his state involved by sending resources to assist in the border crisis. Why is it that Republican states have to carry the weight that Biden should be taking?

He said, “70% of the people they have interdicted said their ultimate destination is to the states of Florida.”

Desantis also took to Twitter to say today. I join Gov @GregAbbott_TX with leaders from Texas and Florida to send a clear message to Washington. Our states will enforce the law while the Biden Administration neglects its duty. “Law enforcement agencies across the country are ready to help secure our border. Over 2,800 illegal aliens have been apprehended in just 23 days, and over 100 criminals have been arrested for offenses ranging from people smuggling to narcotics trafficking.”

Florida isn’t the only state that the border crossings will impact. People don’t seem to know who or where the Biden administration is relocating illegal immigrants. The Biden administration has three more years of terrible leadership and action. If Florida is an example of what’s to come, it may be up to the states to protect this country from the lack of accountability.