GOP Lawmaker Says Hunter Biden Ukraine Email May Have Come From Classified Information

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) suggested that a Hunter Biden Email from 2014 may have originated from classified information. Johnson said that the information in the email might have come from documents that the State Department gives members of the Senate when they travel overseas, according to the New York Post.

“It reads like one of those scene-setters — highly detailed information in terms of Ukraine,” Johnson said of the email, which contained detailed political information and predictions on Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and Iran.

Johnson noted that Hunter wrote the email while he and Devon Archer were trying to get on Ukrainian energy company Burisma’s board. Johnson insinuated that the email content could have been a way for Hunter and Archer to prove their worth to the company.

Johnson revealed that three days after Hunter sent the email, then-vice President Joe Biden met Archer in the White House.

“It’s obvious Hunter Biden is selling access to information,” Johnson added. “Does that have anything to do with some of the classified documents Vice President Biden was squirreling away in his residence? I don’t know, but it looks incredibly suspicious.”

Johnson is not alone in his suspicion of the email. New York Post columnist Miranda Devine told Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that the email should be cross-matched with the classified documents found in Biden’s Delaware home.

“There’s information in there that is not readily available,” Devine told Carlson on Tuesday. “He sounds very knowledgeable and very breezy about it. And you have to remember that this is at a time – a month before he joined the Burisma board. He needed money desperately to feed his drug habit, and they were going to pay him $83,000 a month to do not very much.”

Devine suggested that Hunter’s price on the foreign business front would have gone much higher if the first son had access to classified documents.