GOP Blasts Democrats for Crime Rises in Their Poorly-Run Cities

As crime continues to rise under Democrat policies, Senate Republicans are speaking out and trying to resolve the overgrowing problem.

Democrats have increased their soft-on-crime policies and law-abiding Americans are suffering in the process.

GOP Senators John Cornyn (R-Texas), Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and John Kennedy (R-La.) were three of the leading legislators who came together at Capitol Hill to discuss crime policies.

Senator Cornyn focused his attention on the massive amounts of deadly drugs crossing the open United States-Mexico border. He also discussed the drug overdose epidemic in the U.S., in which 108,000 Americans died last year of overdoses. Those numbers make an all-time high.

“Almost all of those drugs come across the southwestern border and the human smugglers and the drug cartels understand that if they overwhelm the capacity of the border patrol to stop illegal immigration and drugs from coming across, that they can divert the attention of the border patrol and open up a 4-lane highway for the exportation of illegal drugs into the United States,” said Cornyn.

The Biden administration is mum on the rise of gun violence despite many Democrat cities having strict gun-control laws in place. Cornyn brought up the correlation between increasing drug smuggling and street gangs and the open border policy.

Senator Cotton echoed his colleague and discussed an incident involving a man who allegedly tried to stab Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.). Unfortunately, the alleged criminal was immediately released after the attempted stabbing due to New York’s pathetic crime laws.

“The reasons for this crime wave is simple,” Cotton said. “The Democrat party cares more about criminals than it does about victims. Today’s Democrats want to defund, disarm and demonize our police. They elect extreme Soros prosecutors who refuse to enforce the law as it is written and they’ve abolished bail in some places, including New York.”

Disturbing videos of thugs going into stores and looting have become a familiar scene on social media. With liberal leaders refusing to prosecute thefts, shoplifting has skyrocketed in cities across the country.

Cotton points out that law enforcement is being hindered by democrats and cannot imprison criminals. Instead, it just lets them go to offend again.

As crime increases under Democrat policies, the GOP continues to try and fight the ever-growing problem with little avail.