Google’s New Duet AI Will Attend Meetings For You

Tech giant Google recently introduced new features for its Google Meet AI, and some of the new capabilities have observers thinking about human redundancy in an AI-dominated workplace.

Google’s new Duet AI is apparently capable of “attending” meetings on a user’s behalf, including taking notes and providing a summary of what a late attendee might have missed. The AI will even produce a saveable summary, including video clips of important moments.

Another Duet feature offers users the option to skip meetings entirely, with the AI taking your place throughout. The user can click a button, and the AI will auto-generate text you might have discussed, had you attended.

While Google insists the software will boost productivity by assisting users in multitasking, some have noted it may create problems unforeseen by its programmers.

PJ Media pundit Stephen Kruiser joked, “the logical next step” would be to replace workers with AI entirely.

“You wanted to see me, Boss?”
“Yeah Sam, Duet really knocked it out of the park when it filled in for you at the last meeting. Corporate is on my backside to cut the budget, so I’ve decided to keep the AI and let you go. Good luck, and we’ll still send you your holiday fruitcake.”

Levity aside, the progress of AI to the point in which it can perform more complex tasks like sitting in for someone at a meeting suggests it may eventually be a more reliable participant in workplace activity.

AI’s threat to workers isn’t limited merely to office interactions. The role of AI in entertainment is a central complaint in the ongoing SAG/AFTRA strike. Actors and artists are demanding studios offer better compensation for licensing their likenesses to be used by AI in future productions.

AI was used to “de-age” actors Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill in the recent “Indiana Jones” film and episode of “The Mandalorian.” It has also found a place in millions of consumers’ homes, as streaming services like Netflix employ it to make viewing recommendations.

The advertising industry has taken quickly to AI, often without consumers realizing they’re seeing AI-produced ads. In April, the Republican Party aired an attack ad against President Joe Biden which was constructed using AI.