Giuliani To Newsmax: Witch Hunt Shows ‘Shocking Intellectual Dishonesty’

The left makes claims that it can’t back up. They start investigations that result in nothing. They begin impeachment processes, and facts turn against them. With election audits being a hot topic of 2021, the left still relies on “facts” to represent a fair election.

Media is the number one contributor to misinformation. Large media companies suppress the facts when they aren’t in favor of the narrative they push.

At the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), “One of the great crime fighters of his generation has had his law license taken away by the radical left all because he was fighting against an election result that he saw was corrupt.” Trump was speaking about Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani’s law license was suspended when a state appeals court found he lied about the 2020 election stolen from Trump.

Giuliana joined News Max to speak to Greg Kelly about the recent allegations.

Giuliani says, “They didn’t go invade my account, my email account until I represented President Trump, almost the very day.”

Giuliani continues, “We have documentation that everything I said was based on other people’s testimony.” They didn’t even bother to read an affidavit. I filed my affidavit outlining the foundation of what I stated, and I also said, “You know, we have 300 affidavits, and any of them are available to you.”

Anyone who has been to family court or heard about cases understands that attorneys represent clients depending on information passed along. That’s how the legal system works. Affidavits are primarily used in the family and civil court, and you are required to notarize it and swear to the information that it is true and correct. The attorney takes the affidavit and presents it to the judge while representing you during court.

It’s bothersome that a state appeals court would take this action based on an attorney presenting signed affidavits. There are many cases where a client will lie in a deposition causing the chance to be thrown out or dismissed, but rarely does an attorney have his license suspended.

Giuliani continued, “The intellectual dishonesty of the opinion is shocking.”

The contention, even in the Republican party, is overwhelmingly real. Michael Wolff has written a book called “Landslide” about Trump and the election. In an excerpt from the book, Wolff describes many key Republican National Convention leaders who undermined Trump and Giuliani, saying, “They even seem to be eager to get him (Trump) out.”

Kelly asked Giuliani to confirm the accusation, and he says “100%.”

Giuliani also said, “I’ve seen excerpts from Wolff’s book, and every other one I saw was false. It happens to be true. Even a confirmed liar can tell the truth occasionally.”

“Wolff got a lot of his information from some of the Republicans that were the biggest in trying to undermine him (Trump). And therefore, it’s like false information.”

With Cuomo and Fauci also publishing books recently, it seems that liars are on both sides of the political aisle.

Trump and Guiliani have both been at the forefront of election fraud claims. Trump sent a powerful tweet at one point that said, “In reality, they’re not after me, they’re after you. I’m just in the way,” speaking to his followers about media, democrats, and those that wish to bring him down. Fast forward to when Trump has left office, and you can relate to the Tweet when you see Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggesting keeping a list of Trump supporters. It’s a scary day when politicians want to keep track of who doesn’t support them. Retaliation is a real thing, and when people of power can retaliate, they tend to use three-letter agencies to do their bidding. Giuliani isn’t exempt from these retaliatory attacks.