Ghislaine Maxwell Put on Suicide Watch Ahead of Sentencing

Months ago, Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty of helping convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein traffick underage girls and young women.

A jury found Maxwell culpable of conspiracy and human trafficking. Despite Maxwell’s attorneys working to have her conviction overturned, the verdict stands and Maxwell is set for sentencing.

On Tuesday, June 28, Maxwell is scheduled to appear in court to receive a formal prison sentence for her crimes.

At this time, prosecutors are calling for the convicted child trafficker to get at least three decades behind bars. Meanwhile, Maxwell’s attorneys are saying she should get a lighter sentence, due to her supposedly abusive childhood.

With Maxwell now being put on suicide watch ahead of sentencing, her legal representatives are pushing to delay sentencing, along with claiming suicide watch isn’t necessary.

Controversy Over Maxwell Being on Suicide Watch
With days left until Maxwell is sentenced for conspiracy and child trafficking, her attorneys are arguing she’s not suicidal and shouldn’t be treated as such.

On top of this, Maxwell’s attorneys are making the case that suicide watch alone creates a need for delaying her June 28 sentencing.

Apparently, suicide watch is prohibiting Maxwell from getting necessary sleep, meeting with her legal team, and reviewing legal documentation ahead of this upcoming Tuesday.

The 61-year-old human trafficker currently remains in solitary confinement, wearing attire to prevent her from taking her life. Meanwhile, Maxwell’s attorneys are citing affirmations from a psychologist that claim she’s not suicidal.

Maxwell’s loss of paper, toothpaste, soap, and standard clothes is also cited by her legal team as an issue in need of fixing.

What Comes Next?
News of Maxwell being on suicide watch has quickly spread across the general public. “Ghislaine Maxwell” has trended on Twitter, with many people speculating there could be nefarious reasons for the convicted trafficker being in solitary confinement.

Some people believe Maxwell could ultimately end up having a suspicious death, just as Epstein did. As the public speculates about why Maxwell is on suicide watch, more folks are asking why the client list of Maxwell and Epstein has yet to be shared with the general public.

Many inquiring minds would love to know exactly who participated in “buying” trafficked underage girls and young women from Maxwell and Epstein.