General Michael Flynn Brings $50 Million Claim against Federal Government

Retired Gen. Michael Flynn has filed a claim under federal law for $50 million in compensatory damages from several administrative agencies as a result of his prosecution and harassment at the hands of the Obama Department of Justice. His lawyer has made assurances that Flynn will bring a lawsuit in federal court if the claim is denied.

The claim is directed at the Executive Office of the President, the Special Counsel’s Office, the FBI, the DOJ, and the D.C. U.S. Attorney’s Office. Flynn seeks damages for past and future lost earnings, emotional distress, loss of a government position as the President’s National Security Advisor, and loss of personal liberty.

He also seeks reimbursement of attorney’s fees. The damages allegedly came as a result of defending against malicious process, false arrest, and abuse of process.

The claim includes a narrative description of Flynn’s persecution by the named federal offices between July 2016 and December 2020. Flynn alleges that the FBI began developing ways to “hamper” the Trump campaign and targeted Flynn as part of that effort.

Flynn stated that upper level members of the Obama administration developed bad feelings toward him because of the advice he provided to avoid several disastrous foreign policy mistakes leading to the rise of ISIS and chaos in the Middle East. He said that the Trump victory and his appointment as national security advisor was a “devastating blow” to an Obama administration that was “in despair.”

He goes on to claim that the Obama White House conspired to use the executive power of the federal government to “oppress and harm” him with “actual malice and corrupt motives.”

Flynn’s claim is for $5 million in property damages and $45 million for personal injuries. He alleges that the malicious prosecution he was forced to defend led him selling his home and depleting his savings. He also alleges that he has lost and will continue to lose income as a result.

Flynn’s attorney Jesse Binnall stated that “government bureaucrats and left wing agitators” have acted for years as if they could attack Flynn with impunity. Binnall added that those who have “wrongfully attacked an American hero” will be held to account. He also said that General Flynn “will no longer be the pincushion of the radical left.”