Gay Couple Sues NYC To Pay For IVF

Two gay men filed a class-action lawsuit of discrimination against New York City.

Corey Briskin and Nicholas Maggipinto claim that the liberal city’s insurance policy is discriminatory against gay people because it does not cover fertilization procedures for homosexual couples.

The men got “married” in 2016 and planned to have children soon after.

“I know that neither one of us would have considered marrying the other if there was no interest in starting a family and having children,” Briskin said.

Obviously, they could not have children naturally and planned to use in vitro fertilization (IVF) and use a surrogate woman to host the baby. IVF includes combining an egg and sperm in a lab. A surrogate would then be needed to carry the baby until its born.

In 2017, Briskin started working as an assistant district attorney at the Manhattan New York County District Attorney’s Office. But, then, the men realized that the city’s insurance policy doesn’t pay for IVF benefits for gay men.

Briskin has left that job but is still covered under the city’s insurance policy with his new position as a law clerk for a federal judge.

In order to receive insurance help with IVF, a person has to be diagnosed with infertility.

The couple argues that “the City and its insurers have interpreted it to mean intercourse between a man and a female, thereby making it impossible for Mr. Briskin and Mr. Maggipinto to satisfy the definition.” Despite both making large incomes, they do not want to pay to take a woman’s egg and rent her womb.

Liberal New York Mayor Eric Adams’ administration stated that he “proudly supports the rights of LGBTQ+ New Yorkers to access the health care they need.”

“New York City has been a leader in offering IVF treatments for any city employee or dependent covered by the city’s health plan who has shown proof of infertility, and our policies treat all people covered under the program equally, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation,” the spokesperson said. “The city will review the details of the complaint.”

As the dismantling of the traditional nuclear family continues to increase, the typical American family home will continue to change.